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Strategiškai svarbių valstybės įmonių akcijų pardavimas gali kelti grėsmę valstybės nacionaliniam saugumui

Seimo Tėvynės sąjungos-Lietuvos krikščionių demokratų (TS-LKD) frakcijos nariai Laurynas Kasčiūnas ir Žygimantas Pavilionis kreipėsi į Ministrą Pirmininką Saulių Skvernelį dėl Vyriausybės suburtos darbo grupės pateiktų siūlymų, orientuotų į valstybės valdomų įmonių akcijų pardavimą, įmonių reorganizavimą ar likvidavimą. Minėta darbo grupė siūlo parduoti po trečdalį akcijų tokiose strateginėse valstybės įmonėse kaip „Lietuvos energija“, „EPSO-G“, „Lietuvos geležinkeliai“, „Klaipėdos nafta“, „Lietuvos paštas“. „Lietuvos geležinkelių“ įmonių grupę siūloma reorganizuoti atskiriant kai kurias veiklas, privatizuojant krovinių vežimo geležinkeliu paslaugas ir kai kurias dabar grupėje esančias bendroves. Komercinių veiklų atskyrimas ir pardavimas numatytas ir „Lietuvos pašto“ įmonių grupėje.

Independent energy supply – both sustainable and more economical

Gustav MELIN President, European Biomass Association. CEO, Swedish Bioenergy Association. It is a common practice to focus on the “greater good” when dealing with environmental problems and to disregard economic realities. The environment is so important that some people tend to forget using money efficiently. Other people believe that all environmental solutions are costly and unprofitable. None of these views are true. 1809

Grupa LOTOS S. A. – an active company in Lithuania

Krzysztof  KOPEC Grupa LOTOS S.A. is Poland’s second largest company and one of the leaders of the petroleum industry in the country. The company’s share in the Polish fuel market amounted to 35.1% at the beginning of 2012. Grupa LOTOS S.A. is the only Polish company to conduct exploration and production activities in the Baltic Sea. In this field it is also active on the Norwegian continental shelf and in Lithuania. 722

“We need to recover the drive and leadership in the region”

Artūras Zuokas

The Guest of the Magazine Vilnius City Mayor Arturas Zuokas answers the questions of Business & Politics By  Karolis  DINEIKA What does Vilnius represent to you, Mr. Mayor? Vilnius is one of the cosiest and the best accommodated cities in the world for the people to live in. If you want to live in a safe and healthy environment, to have access to a high level cultural life, to have clear costs without overpaying for life in any other city, as well as to be able to find a good and interesting job and

“Never Say Never”

Businessman Vidmantas KANOPA has made its way back to politics and tries for the post of the mayor of Rokiškis District. Last year “Business & Politics” published an article “From Politics to Business – with a Head Up High”. We wrote that the managing director of Daivida UAB Vidmantas Kanopa proved that a politician may become a successful businessman. “I can see myself working in business in the immediate future. However, as they say. Never say never. You never can tell," – Vidmantas Kanopa told our magazine last summer. 379

Plans to Stun Lithuania by Becoming the Prime Minister

The guest of “Business & Politics” is the member of the European Parliament and the leader of the Labour Party Viktor USPASKICH. “If voters show their confidence in me and entrust me with the mayor’s post, I will resign from the European Parliament,” you have made such a promise for a number of times. Your position changed after the municipal elections in Vilnius where the party under your leadership was ranked the fourth. What do you think of the results? 356

Confession of the Youngest Forest Officer

Thoughts of Ramūnas LUKOŠEVIČIUS, director of Šalčininkai Forest Enterprise, on his service to the forest, foresters, profit and troubles of nature A forest-covered paradise near Belarus.  That is how many refer to the forests of Šalčia region. Šalčininkai Forest Enterprise is one of the most forest-covered enterprises in Lithuania, 49.5% of its territory is covered by forests, while the area of forest per capita equals to 2 ha and the growing stock volume per capita corresponds to 386 cubic meters (0.57 ha and 106 cubic meters per capita in the

Valdemar Tomaševski: „We do not say that we have to live honestly, we actually live what we say we believe in.“

GUEST OF THE MAGAZINE Gintautas  KNIUKŠTA Lately, the Lithuanian-Polish relations have been overshadowed by the disagreements triggered by the treatment of the situation of national minorities. Poland has also criticised the new provisions of the Law on Education which provide for the reduced learning in the native language in the schools of national minorities.   No important bilateral projects have been put to life in 10 recent years. The adviser to the President Darius Semaška declared that certain Lithuanian and Polish politicians were causing tension and misleading the international community with regard to

State Administration and its Success Depend on the Competent Team

Algirdas BUTKEVIČIUS Elder of the Social Democratic Faction in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania The two recent years were among the most complicated to Lithuania and its people throughout the entire history of the independent state.  On the one hand, we, just like a number of other European and world countries, were affected by the global crisis caused by a poorly controlled global finance system, lacking social responsibility and grounded on risky business models. 403

K. PRUNSKIENĖ: “The crisis hit the economy hard because business was lacking the support from the state”

Kazimiera Prunskienė

Guest of the Magazine Exclusive interview with the Head of the First Government of Independent Republic of Lithuania to Business & Politics              Interviewed by Mindaugas MILIAUSKAS   Dear Professor, what is your opinion of the actions assumed by the Government in tackling the economic downturn, what would you change, for instance, what other measures would you assume to encourage domestic consumption? 388

Is Land in Lithuania Really Not Sold to Foreigners?

Teisingumo ministras Remigijus Šimašius

Remigijus ŠIMAŠIUS Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania I want to discuss the following two aspects related to land sales to foreigners – should it be restricted and is it restricted today, how and why has the current situation occurred in Lithuania.  461